The Indispensable Survival Guide
to Ontario's Long-Term Care System

Karen Cumming and Patricia Milne are sisters who embarked on a daunting journey… one that many of us may go on at some point in our lives. They guided their 98 year old mother, Verna, through Ontario’s long-term care system.

Unfortunately, few people on the inside of that system seemed to be guiding them.

The pair found themselves lost in a confusing maze of care coordinators, nurses, doctors, PSWs, therapists, paperwork, equipment purchases and rentals, and medication. It was scary. They felt alone.

Serious decisions had to be made about Verna’s end-of-life care, but the sisters often felt ill-informed and unprepared to make them.

Sound familiar?

Thousands of baby boomers across Ontario are currently in the same boat. Perhaps you’re helping your elderly mom or dad. Maybe you’re on the journey yourself.

Karen and Patricia have been there.

This book is the survival guide they never had. Packed with indispensable resources, tips and insights, it will help you and your family to be proactive and prepared.

You are not alone.

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